Pressure Cooker Tip: Sling it to lift it!

Pressure Cooker Sling

It’s easy to get a container into the pressure cooker for making desserts or steamed rice cooking, the trouble comes when it’s time to get the hot, steamy, slippery container out!


How to make a sling

Fold a long piece of foil in three.  and center the container on the sling.  Then, fold or roll the sides of foil to reach the top edge of the container. Hold the sling resting your thumbs on the top edge of the container to stabilize the container and get a solid grip.

How to use a sling

To lower the container, grab the sling near the top edge of the container resting your thumbs on the top of the container to stabilize. Then, lower into pressure cooker and fold handles further down, if needed (to not interfere with the workings of the lid).  To raise the container, unfold the sides of the sling and, being careful not to touch the sides of the pressure cooker, pull the container out – silicone pinch mitts are perfect for keeping your fingers safe during this task.

Animation of how to use a pressure cooker sling to lower and raise containers out of the pressure cooker

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