Free video series that will teach you how to use the pressure cooker!

Get expert tips, advice, and guidance on making pressure cooker recipes.  We’re not going to leave you to fend for yourselves – this series also includes hand-holding and ongoing support directly from expert cooks in our forums and Laura Pazzaglia – founder of the website, cookbook author, and pressure cooker manufacturer consultant.

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Each episode in the series has detailed explanations and demonstrations on how to use the pressure cooker, how things work and a delicious, recipe (or two) with more tips!  Included, too, are a written episode summaries (go your own speed), articles with more details (delve deeper) and downloadable materials to use as you wish*- teach someone else to pressure cook!

The Lessons

The entire series is nine episodes long including the series preview, above.  Though we may add more episodes based on viewer requests and feedback.  Here’s what we’ve rolled out so far…

  1. Getting Acquainted – learning all the parts of the pressure cooker,  safety systems, how it works and doing a hot water test.
  2. The First Recipe – minimum liquid requirement, halving or doubling pressure cooker recipes, Garlic Cauliflower & Potato Mash recipe.
  3. Rice Basics – using a pressure cooker, like a rice cooker to get perfect pressure cooker rice, adding veggies to any rice recipe, steamed brown rice and confetti rice recipes.
  4. Bean Essentials – the difference between pressure cooking beans straight from dry versus soaked,  a technique on how to quick-soak beans in just twelve minutes and a black bean chili recipe.
  5. Vivid Veggies – the truth about vegetables in the pressure cooker, steaming broccoli and steamer baskets, using frozen vegetables and how pressure cooker opening methods affect a recipe.
  6. Marvelous Meats – four secrets to getting tender, flavorful, moist meat from the pressure cooker plus beef stew and chicken cacciatore recipe.
  7. Sweet Desserts – choosing a heat-safe container and how different materials react under pressure, how baking powder reacts under pressure, cheesecake do’s & don’ts, plus a cheesecake and mug cake recipe.
  8. One more episode coming, stay tuned!

The Pressure Cookers

The entire series features the top three electric multi & pressure cookers currently on the market: Breville’s Fast Slow Pro, Fagor America’s LUX and Instant Pot’s DUO & SMART electric pressure and multi-cookers.  Though there is also general information and advice on how to find the right setting with just about any electric pressure cooker.

For stove top pressure cookers, The Pressure Cooking School will still have some useful information for pressure cookery in general; but, for more details, please refer to our original teaching series, Beginner Basics.

The Feedback

Tell us what you think!  We want to make this series the most useful as it can be for you.  So, don’t forget to tell us what you think in the forums.  See you there!


Pressure Cooking SCHOOL!Pressure Cooking School!

*All materials for The Pressure Cooking school, can be duplicated and distributed online and off-line to teach others how to pressure cook.  Please give full credit to as the source and, if used online, include a link.  Also, drop us a line through the contact form to let us know about it!

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  1. Hi Laura,

    You are God-sent! Your classes are great. I am a newbie, just bought my friend’s 6qt Instant Pot (she was very please with it, just that she was retiring and going to live in Italy, so no north-american plugs there!)

    I find your videos very good and VERY helpful. One thing though I would like to download your information sheets and can’t seem to do so.

    Keep on the great work, you are helping a lot. (and every chance I get I mention it to friends so they can benefit from your knowledge)


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