Fagor LUX 360 Electric Pressure Cooker & Multi Cooker

UPDATE 4/30/17: Although this pressure cooker model was originally launched as the “LUX 360” due to unforeseen circumstances, Fagor America has had to change the name of this model to “LUX™ LCD” This article has been updated to reflect the new name for this model.

Fagor LUX™ LCD Electric Pressure Cooker & Multi Cooker

Last month, at the Chicago Housewares show, Fagor America introduced their newest multi cooker with pressure programs – the LUX™ LCD. The model name is a little misleading as it does not actually mean that this is a LUX with a new display – this cooker actually features a complete selection of cooking functions and a knob that spins to select them.

Fagor America launching the LUX™ LCD at the 2017 Chicago Housewares Show.
Fagor LUX™ LCD has a more modern and efficient spring valve.

Keeping with the tradition of their previous award-winning model, Fagor has maintained the more advanced spring-valve and more powerful heating element.  This means that the LUX™ LCD will reach pressure faster and operate more efficiently than other electric pressure cookers with a weighted valve. The more advanced valve means that this multi cooker only requires 1 cup of cooking liquid – and  I’ve gotten away with as little as 1/2 cup – to bring this cooker to pressure compared to 1 1/2 cups or even 3 cups required by other cookers on the market.

Pressure cooker experts already know that using less liquid at the start of pressure cooking is literally the difference between making a moist flavorful braise versus a tasteless soup.

Tickle that Belly Button!

The most obvious feature of the new LUX™ LCD is the return of the spin-dial navigation, it’s front-and-center below the very large display and lets you easily roll through the option and push to select them.

It is very easy to use and figure out – especially if your car ever had a “retro” pre-touchscreen navigator that required you spin and punch every-single-letter of the city and street of your destination.  But don’t worry, the LUX™ LCD will get dinner going in an average of three spins and punches.

Fagor LUX™ LCD Twist & Push control – tickle that belly button!

Extra-Large Color-changing Display

The display is big, easy to read and changes color according to what’s going on.  For example, it is gray when it is off, bright blue when you are selecting the cooking program, and light green when it’s running.

The display also shows icons to remind you to close the pressure cooker lid, remind to press the start button once you’ve got everything programmed, let you know if the pressure cooker is in heat-up mode (trying to reach pressure) or is finished and is keeping things warm and whether the control panel is locked (more on this feature, below).

Fagor LUX™ LCD – 10 programs and functions

10 programs and functions

The screen features 10 primary cooking functions: Pressure cook (low and high), slow cook (low and high), yogurt maker, simmer, brown, grains, steam (without pressure), sauté, dessert and egg.

Plus the LUX™ LCD also includes a delay timer (a busy mom’s fave feature) and keep warm (ditto). It also has the ability to memorize three of your favorite settings (time, pressure/temperature) for each function and the ability to lock-in the settings to keep curious kids, spouses or pet-sitters from ruining your dinner plans.

Stainless Steel Inner-bowl & Accessory Set

The LUX™ LCD features the brushed stainless steel inner bowl with the maximum filling level for pressure cooking programs clearly noted.  Also, unlike most electrics which are right on features and poor on accessories – you can start pressure cooking right away with the included accessories.

Fagor LUX™ LCD Inner Bowl

It also comes with a polished stainless steel steamer basket and wire trivet.

Fagor LUX™ LCD Accessories

Fagor’s LUX™ LCD Multi Cooker will be available for sale starting the first week of May 2017 at participating Macy’s locations in New York, New Jersey, California, Oregon, Ohio, Texas, Florida, and Hawaii.

Suggested Retail Price for the 4 qt. LUX™ LCD Multi-Cooker is $149.95, $179.95 for the 6qt. and $199.95 for the 8qt.

Fagor LUX™ LCD Multi Cooker and Electric Pressure Cooker

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  1. When will this be available in Europe?

    1. I’d like to know too!

      1. Jay, Sur la Table will carry this product in an exclusive white color starting August 2017. Thank you.

    2. Mehitabel, this product is only available in the USA and Canada at this time. There are no plans for it to be launched in Europe. Thank you.

  2. Does anyone have this product or is Sur la table’s “OUT OF STOCK” actually mean never had stock?

  3. For the 8 qt, Macy’s is retailing this at $100 over and above the MSRP — at $289.99. A pop-up coupon appears for $30 off if used in the next 48 hours. Subtracting that, the price dropped to $202.99. Ouch! Still too high. Fagor’s announced the MSRP as $199.95 for the 8 qt.

    I’ll wait until other retailers offer it. I resent Macy’s gouging tactics. No wonder they’re closing doors all over the country. :-(

  4. Macy’s is exclusive retailer . . . for now.

  5. PreOrder with Sur la Table. Use this coupon to receive 20% off your order with free shipping. Act fast as the coupon ends on May 28th. FRESH17.

    1. Whoops. Didn’t see the coupon code until today. :-(
      Thanks for the update. I’m keeping a lookout for any discount deals.

  6. Hi Laura,
    I just bought this newest Fagor Lux 6 quart model from Amazon. I also own the newest Instantpot 6 quart model. I am wondering will they both have the same cooking time for exactly the same food items? I do mostly vegetable steaming, cooking beans, and soft boil eggs.
    And will they have the same cooking time for the recipes posted by you and in your cookbook.
    I may also venture into meat recipes in the future. Thank you.

    1. Yes, the Fagor LUX cooks at the same pressures.. as your Instant Pot. BUT you’ll find that the LUX reaches pressure in half the time (about 5 minutes) and releases pressure much more quickly, too! So the egg timing might need to be adjusted. I haven’t had a chance to test eggs in the LUX myself, yet.



  7. Thank you for the helpful information!

  8. Are there any improvements versus the Fagor LUX non-LCD model, other than the screen?

    1. Yes, there are. There are 30 programs to choose from vs the 12 the current LUX has, with 3 Custom programs that allow the user to save time and setting for favorite recipes. The LUX LCD includes the stainless steel cooking pot ( not the ceramic nonstick one that comes with the LUX). It also includes a stainless steel steamer basket and trivet.
      The LCD model includes features such as :
      * sensor on the lid that warns the user if it hasn’t been locked properly
      * Icon that shows the unit is preheating
      * Screen color changes once the unit starts after reaching the selected pressure setting or temperature.
      Thank you.

      1. Thanks that’s very helpful! Sounds like it’s worth the higher price.

  9. Does the new Fagor have the ability to adjust the altitude like my Ultra60? I’m in Vegas @ 2,100 ft, so this would be important to me.

    1. Peter, this model does not have the ability to automatically adjust the altitude, it needs to be incorporated into the timing calculating the additional 5% cooking time for every 1000 feet above the first 2000 feet. Thank you.

    2. I also live in Las Vegas at 2100 ft and it makes no difference than when I lived at sea level. Once elevation exceeds 5000 is when it really makes a difference.

      1. I am at 3000 ft and DO notice a difference.

  10. Cam this model be used as a water bath or steam canner? I’m not talking about as a pressure canner but as a water bath or steam canner for things like jams, jellies or pickles that don’t need pressure cannin?

    1. Kathy, yes, it can be used as a water bath to can jams and jellies for high-acid foods only. This is NOT a pressure canner so it cannot be used to can low-acid foods such as meat, fish, poultry and vegetables. Thank you for allowing us to explain the differences.

  11. Thanks for the reply, Sara. Does the instruction manual indicate how to use the unit for water bath canning?

  12. Kathy, the instructions for canning high-acid foods will be incorporated to the manual soon. Thank you.

  13. Hi Laura,

    I read that the Fagor Lux has an alarm that sounds when there is too much water or it is not closed properly? Is it a very loud alarm? How do you stop it?
    I am having a really hard time deciding on Fagor or Breville.


    1. To my knowledge, there is no alarm for too much water but the lid alarm only rings until the cook repositions the lid in the correct position.



      1. Thanks Laura,

        I know that the Breville has automatic release and you can customize pressure cooking settings; however, the Fagor Lux has delay start and comes to pressure and releases quicker. It has a yogurt maker but I can do without. Do you have a preference for either multicooker? I really want to buy one but not sure which is the better option.


        1. I like and recommend them equally – it depends on your specific needs. However, does it matter how quickly a cooker releases pressure if you don’t have to be there to do it? ; )



  14. Loved my Fagor Lux LCD UNTIL last week. After 3 months of nearly daily use, the pot began making loud metal popping sounds every minute or two. It was on HI and cooking a corned beef. After the beef slab was removed, I dropped carrots and cabbage into the liquid and tried to set the spin-dial to HI for 5 minutes. But the rotary dial was unresponsive–spins but DOES NOT select anything on the digital menu. I contacted customer service, but they’ve yet to respond. I hope they do, and I hope they do the right thing here and replace it, because the pot had been a wonderful addition to my kitchen. Good thing I own a stovetop Fagor Duo, because my electric pot days have come to an abrupt stop.

    1. Michele, we do apologize for the inconveniences. The Multicooker has a one-year warranty and we will replace it for you. Can you please send us an email to info@fagoramerica.com and reference this post on hippressurecooking.com? Our Customer Service team will need to see a picture of the bottom of the multicooker to reference the model and serial number. Thank you.

      1. Hello Sara,
        The replacement Fagor Lux LCD arrived today via UPS. Thank you so very much for the quick delivery!

        1. You are welcome!

  15. I’m trying to decide which size electric PC to buy. (I already have a stovetop Fagor 9.3 liter.) Between the 4, 6, and 8 Qt Fagor LUX LCD, which size is the most practical? I am planning on using it for both its PC as well as slow cooker functions. My current Crock Pot is a 4 Qt and I find this to be much too small, so that really makes the decision between the 6 and the 8 Qt models. Which size do you find is adequate for your recipes, which I frequently use for my stove top PC? The majority of the cooking I do is for just my wife and I. The most frequent foods/recipes I cook in a PC are beans, and one pound is the maximum. What is the largest size piece of meat you would use in a 6 Qt? I pretty much have answered my original question as to which size to buy, but just wanted to see what criteria you use when selecting a cooker size. Are there any recipes of yours or situations where an 8 Qt cooker would be a more practical size for frequent use? Thanks for your input. Also, what is your current favorite electric PC brand: Fagor, Breville, or Instant Pot?

    1. Wheat, the 8qt has a slightly wider base so it makes searing a little bit easier – a little, the sides are higher too! ; )



  16. I’ve been looking to buy an 8qt lux lcd multicooker but am having a really hard time finding one. I checked amazon and they are out and Macy’s is not carrying them.

    1. Fagor America is going out of business, unfortunately.



      1. I have had 2 Fagor multi cookers and they were both duds! I got the first for my birthday [n Feb and lasted until Oct when I lifted it up and top came off without the innards. I then proceeded to call Fagor, had no satisfaction many email and sending pictures of it(which I still have) what to do,, They finally agreed to send me A new one if I shipped the broken one back to them, which I did at the cost of $65 to me and they sent me a new one. I used it for about 4 months and the same thing happened again . My daughter threw it out in the garbage and we bought an instant pot. I am not surprised they are going out of business The Lux cooker cooker was great when it worked.

  17. Mine died after 9 months, display and functions all good, just no heat. Fagor has become non-responsive. So no warranty support and marginally reliable product … If there is no support for a product I do would not purchase anything else from this company.

  18. I bought a Fagor LUX LCD Multi-colored 1/2018 at Kohl’s. It died after starting to cook my corned beef yesterday. Checked outlet. Good. Cord. Good. Just blank. Contacted Customer Service. Left a message. They did call back and left me a message saying Fagor of Spain is no longer in business. They can’t repair. Said “Take it back to Kohl’s.” Warranty ended this January. Keeping parts. Throwing out cooker and lid. I’ll stick to my stove top Fagor pressure.

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