PREVIEW: Fagor’s upcoming LUX™ LCD, 10-in-1 Multi Cooker!

UPDATE 4/30/17: Although this pressure cooker model was originally launched as the “LUX 360” due to unforeseen circumstances, Fagor America has had to change the name of this model to “LUX™ LCD” This article has been updated to reflect the new name for this model.

Fagor LUX™ LCD Electric Pressure Cooker & Multi Cooker

Last month, at the Chicago Housewares show, Fagor America introduced their newest multi cooker with pressure programs – the LUX™ LCD. The model name is a little misleading as it does not actually mean that this is a LUX with a new display – this cooker actually features a complete selection of cooking functions and a knob that spins to select them.

Fagor America launching the LUX™ LCD at the 2017 Chicago Housewares Show.

Fagor LUX™ LCD has a more modern and efficient spring valve.

Keeping with the tradition of their previous award-winning model, Fagor has maintained the more advanced spring-valve and more powerful heating element.  This means that the LUX™ LCD will reach pressure faster and operate more efficiently than other electric pressure cookers with a weighted valve. The more advanced valve means that this multi cooker only requires 1 cup of cooking liquid – and  I’ve gotten away with as little as 1/2 cup – to bring this cooker to pressure compared to 1 1/2 cups or even 3 cups required by other cookers on the market.

Pressure cooker experts already know that using less liquid at the start of pressure cooking is literally the difference between making a moist flavorful braise versus a tasteless soup.

Tickle that Belly Button!

The most obvious feature of the new LUX™ LCD is the return of the spin-dial navigation, it’s front-and-center below the very large display and lets you easily roll through the option and push to select them.

It is very easy to use and figure out – especially if your car ever had a “retro” pre-touchscreen navigator that required you spin and punch every-single-letter of the city and street of your destination.  But don’t worry, the LUX™ LCD will get dinner going in an average of three spins and punches.

Fagor LUX™ LCD Twist & Push control – tickle that belly button!

Extra-Large Color-changing Display

The display is big, easy to read and changes color according to what’s going on.  For example, it is gray when it is off, bright blue when you are selecting the cooking program, and light green when it’s running.

The display also shows icons to remind you to close the pressure cooker lid, remind to press the start button once you’ve got everything programmed, let you know if the pressure cooker is in heat-up mode (trying to reach pressure) or is finished and is keeping things warm and whether the control panel is locked (more on this feature, below).

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Fagor LUX™ LCD – 10 programs and functions

10 programs and functions

The screen features 10 primary cooking functions: Pressure cook (low and high), slow cook (low and high), yogurt maker, simmer, brown, grains, steam (without pressure), sauté, dessert and egg.

Plus the LUX™ LCD also includes a delay timer (a busy mom’s fave feature) and keep warm (ditto). It also has the ability to memorize three of your favorite settings (time, pressure/temperature) for each function and the ability to lock-in the settings to keep curious kids, spouses or pet-sitters from ruining your dinner plans.

Stainless Steel Inner-bowl & Accessory Set

The LUX™ LCD features the brushed stainless steel inner bowl with the maximum filling level for pressure cooking programs clearly noted.  Also, unlike most electrics which are right on features and poor on accessories – you can start pressure cooking right away with the included accessories.

Fagor LUX™ LCD Inner Bowl

It also comes with a polished stainless steel steamer basket and wire trivet.

Fagor LUX™ LCD Accessories

Fagor’s LUX™ LCD Multi Cooker will be available for sale starting the first week of May 2017 at participating Macy’s locations in New York, New Jersey, California, Oregon, Ohio, Texas, Florida, and Hawaii.

Suggested Retail Price for the 4 qt. LUX™ LCD Multi-Cooker is $149.95, $179.95 for the 6qt. and $199.95 for the 8qt.

Fagor LUX™ LCD Multi Cooker and Electric Pressure Cooker