PREVIEW: Instant Pot’s upcoming DUO Plus!

Instant Pot DUO Plus

Mid-April  Instant Pot will release a total refresh of their most popular best-selling DUO, the DUO Plus! I’ve been playing with it for a month and wanted to share the new features with you.

The Good Stuff Is Still There

All of the functions and settings that made the DUO a success are still in the DUO Plus.  So you can still make yogurt, slow cook, cook at high and low pressure and delay the cooking. Plus this model includes the new program buttons that first made their appearance in the LUX v3 – “Cake” and “Egg” pre-sets.  Don’t get too excited – this multi cooker can’t bake, yet. The cake program is just a pre-set time and pressure to steam a cake (like this) – ditto for the Egg program (which you can make like this).

Instant Pot DUO Plus Preview

Instant Pot DUO Plus has Egg and Cake Programs – plus a new Sterilize function. (click image to enlarge)

Instant Pot DUO Plus "Sound Off"Sound Off

A popular request from those who have cooking programs that run late into the night, or wee hours of the morning, has been for the ability to turn off all the beeps that happen for every button that is punched in or the 10 beeps when the pressure cooker program is finished. While Instant Pot’s SMART can already do this, the DUO Plus will also have the ability to not disturb sleeping children, spouses or guests.

More Informative Display & Adjustments

The most visible change is that the display has completely changed both in color and with more information.

The red ’80s alarm-clock numbers are gone.  Now the display is a blue/purple background with bright white numbers, icons, and letters. The top row of icons indicates whether: the heating element is on,  a pressure cooking program is selected, “Keep Warm” has been chosen or if the sound is on/off.

All the information the cook needs to know is one place, and this also includes the pressure selected (High or Low) and which option is chosen for a given program (Less, Normal, More) – these used to be under the “Adjust” button.

Now the adjustments are made simply by pressing the program button multiple times.  For example, if you press “Saute”” once the display illuminates the option as “Normal” which is the average saute’ temperature.  Press “Saute'” again and the option is “More” which is better for searing.  Press that button one more time for the “Less” option which is better for simmering.

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Instant Pot DUO Plus new Sterilize FunctionNew Sterilize Function

This function is more of a mystery than an innovation, to be honest.  The instruction manual is scarce on details on how this works – except for a note that this function cannot be used to pressure can meat.  So… what about green beans? What about high-acid foods?  Should they be boiled or steamed?  At this time there are no official guidelines on how to pressure steam high-acid foods vs. using a hot water bath.

Better Inner-bowl with Correct Max-fill Levels

We criticized Instant Pot, along with many other manufacturers, last year for only having the max-full line for non-pressure programs marked on their inner bowl – which is a safety issue. I was very pleased to see the inner bowl of this DUO refresh has the correct Max 2/3 and Max 1/2 full markings.

Instant Pot DUO Plus Inner Bowl

The Instant Pot DUO Plus will be available for purchase on Amazon around the middle of April – Instant Pot could not give us an exact date since it depends on Amazon puts it in the supply line.  Meanwhile, keep an eye on this product listing to find out when it’s available for purchase and leave a comment , below, with any questions!

Instant Pot DUO Plus