Instant Pot DUO Plus

Instant Pot DUO Plus

Mid-April  Instant Pot will release a total refresh of their most popular best-selling DUO, the DUO Plus! I’ve been playing with it for a month and wanted to share the new features with you.

The Good Stuff Is Still There

All of the functions and settings that made the DUO a success are still in the DUO Plus.  So you can still make yogurt, slow cook, cook at high and low pressure and delay the cooking. Plus this model includes the new program buttons that first made their appearance in the LUX v3 – “Cake” and “Egg” pre-sets.  Don’t get too excited – this multi cooker can’t bake, yet. The cake program is just a pre-set time and pressure to steam a cake (like this) – ditto for the Egg program (which you can make like this).

Instant Pot DUO Plus Preview
Instant Pot DUO Plus has Egg and Cake Programs – plus a new Sterilize function. (click image to enlarge)

Instant Pot DUO Plus "Sound Off"Sound Off

A popular request from those who have cooking programs that run late into the night, or wee hours of the morning, has been for the ability to turn off all the beeps that happen for every button that is punched in or the 10 beeps when the pressure cooker program is finished. While Instant Pot’s SMART can already do this, the DUO Plus will also have the ability to not disturb sleeping children, spouses or guests.

More Informative Display & Adjustments

The most visible change is that the display has completely changed both in color and with more information.

The red ’80s alarm-clock numbers are gone.  Now the display is a blue/purple background with bright white numbers, icons, and letters. The top row of icons indicates whether: the heating element is on,  a pressure cooking program is selected, “Keep Warm” has been chosen or if the sound is on/off.

All the information the cook needs to know is one place, and this also includes the pressure selected (High or Low) and which option is chosen for a given program (Less, Normal, More) – these used to be under the “Adjust” button.

Now the adjustments are made simply by pressing the program button multiple times.  For example, if you press “Saute”” once the display illuminates the option as “Normal” which is the average saute’ temperature.  Press “Saute'” again and the option is “More” which is better for searing.  Press that button one more time for the “Less” option which is better for simmering.

Instant Pot DUO Plus new Sterilize FunctionNew Sterilize Function

This function is more of a mystery than an innovation, to be honest.  The instruction manual is scarce on details on how this works – except for a note that this function cannot be used to pressure can meat.  So… what about green beans? What about high-acid foods?  Should they be boiled or steamed?  At this time there are no official guidelines on how to pressure steam high-acid foods vs. using a hot water bath.

Better Inner-bowl with Correct Max-fill Levels

We criticized Instant Pot, along with many other manufacturers, last year for only having the max-full line for non-pressure programs marked on their inner bowl – which is a safety issue. I was very pleased to see the inner bowl of this DUO refresh has the correct Max 2/3 and Max 1/2 full markings.

Instant Pot DUO Plus Inner Bowl

The Instant Pot DUO Plus will be available for purchase on Amazon around the middle of April – Instant Pot could not give us an exact date since it depends on Amazon puts it in the supply line.  Meanwhile, keep an eye on this product listing to find out when it’s available for purchase and leave a comment , below, with any questions!

Instant Pot DUO Plus

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  1. Will the Duo Plus be a 6qt or 8qt?

      1. Will it ever be available in 8qt? I am interested in getting the plus, but I would like it in 8qt.

        1. I would like an 8 qt as well.

  2. Do you know the difference between this one and the instant pot ultra 6 qt. being sold on the Sur La table website?

    1. Yes, I have an Instant Pot Ultra. Unfortunately, I’m not allowed to share additional information about it until a week before the launch date. All I can share with you right now is that the Ultra has a different interface. Also, it is not a refresh of a previous model, it is a completely new model so it has additional functionality.



      1. Doesn’t seem fair that Laura is not allowed to share additional info about the IP Ultra, but there’s quite a bit of info here:

        Additional info can be found here:

        1. All of the reviews on Corrie Cooks only contain photos that are from the SurLa Table or Amazon websites. So I would weary of any “preview” or “review” from a person who has never actually seen or used the pressure cooker.

          For example, the review says…

          ” we can safely assume that it is going to have a volume of 6 quarts,”

          If they had the pot. They would know what size it is.

          “There is a new feature that has been introduced in this pressure cooker, a new setting, to be more precise. However, what it exactly does still remains to be seen, hope Instant Pot tells us about that soon: This is the feature called “Ultra”.”

          If they had the pot, they would know what this new function can do.

          “This model lacks some special features that other models have, such as the Flavor Infusion technology that the Power Cooker XL provides you with.”

          Hahahaha! Ok, does this person even pressure cook?!?

          ” I know I’m picking one up for myself; I just hope it doesn’t take too long to get to my doorstep. ”

          I call BULL on the Corrie Cooks “review”! And I’m pretty sure that website is nothing more than an affiliate link farm – where they can earn credit even if you just click on the link. And, let’s say the link takes you to amazon and you purchase something else. They get a commission on anything purchased there for the next 24 hours. This is what happens when you click on my affiliate links, too – except I really do have a pre-production model of the pressure cooker, I really do use and test them, and I really do take my own photos. So, draw your own conclusions on who’s advice you’re willing to follow and trust.



          P.S. Why is their profile photo heavily “cartooned”? Is that because it’s a stock photo of someone in the laundromat? Bottom line: anyone from anywhere could be running that website.

          1. It’s on Amazon now….

    2. An excellent review of the various Instant Pot models:

  3. Will you be reviewing the ultra model?

    1. Yes. I’m a little backed-up on reviews but my plan for the upcoming reviews is as follows: Fagor LUX, Instant Pot DUO Plus, Fagor 360 and Instant Pot Ultra.



  4. I wonder if sterilize is for empty jars and bottles.

    1. Yes, I was thinking it might be for sterilizing jars (especially for using with yogurt, etc – although mine are sterilized while heating the milk so it’s not a bonus for me).

    2. Thus is what Instant Pot says….
      Cake ideal for soft & moist cakes, Egg prepares perfect eggs in minutes and Sterilize , pasteurize milk, and sterilize baby bottles, jars and utensils more conveniently than ever before.

  5. Is there any indication that the sealing ring material has been changed to something that doesn’t absorb odors so easily? I know that many users would greatly appreciate that.

    Thanks for the info and I’m looking forward to the upcoming reviews.

    1. I don’t have any idea if the sealing ring will change – after all silicone is a good choice for durability, but it’s wise to have a couple of rings. One for flavorful foods heavy on the garlic for example and one for more delicate items like many desserts.

      1. One of the manufacturers, I think it was Instant Pot, was working on a “sealed” gasket that would not absorb odors. Let me find out how that’s going.



  6. I wish they would release one with WiFi connectivity to let me check on it remotely

    1. That would be the Instant Pot IP-Smart Bluetooth-Enabled Multifunctional Pressure Cooker, Stainless Steelnd, available from Amazon for 179.95, but currently backordered. It is fantastic to be able to easily check progress from another room, using the IP App on iPhone or IPad.

      1. I couldn’t find any information about that one having WiFi support, so I assumed it was bluetooth only. Do you know whether it can also be controlled over WiFi?

        1. The Instant Pot SMART is the only “connected” pressure cooker – it can only be controlled via BlueTooth and Instant Pot’s proprietary app.



  7. I am in Australia and been interested in purchasing an Instant Pot for sometime – how do I find out if and WHEN it will actually be available to purchase IN Australia. Thanks so much.

  8. I was comparing the Instant pot duo 6qt to this new coming out. Where is the Chicken function on the new pot?

    1. Debra, they removed the “Poultry” button, but it was just pre-set cooking time (5, 20 35 min) at high pressure. You can use the Meat/Stew as Sigrid recommend or even the manual program in its place and then punch in the cooking time according to our timing charts or your recipe.



  9. Debra,
    I’m guessing Meat/Stew will likely be the appropriate function for chicken.

  10. Is the Duo plus available? The link to amazon is showing it is available, but doesn’t say duo plus. Would you recommend the duo plus or ultra?

    1. Confusingly, Amazon has lumped all the DUOs, plus or not, onto the same page. Make sure you click on the “plus” SIZE page. I just clicked on it and yes, it is shipping!!



  11. Hi Laura: I ordered the Instant Pot Ultra model and it’s been shipped. Arrival is scheduled in 2 days. The look of this model is entirely different. Have you evaluated it? What did you discover? Lora

    1. Lora, I’m writing the preview now – because I have a relationship with Instant Pot I have to respect their wishes on when I can share it. : (



  12. Thanks Laura and Sigrid for your information.
    That’s what I thought about the poultry button being covered under Meat/Stews.
    However, the important clue here is Pre-set
    Cooking time. From my research, there seems to be a lot of confusion between a pre-set button and low, medium, high pressure vs. a real cooking button..
    For instances, it seems that many using slow cook button, especially on Low is really a warmer, and doesnt cook food appropriately even after 10/12 hrs. I have always used the manual setting time. So pre-set is an important term to remember when using the Instant Pot vs. real cooking time, for the food being cooked and pressure used. Thanks again, very helpful!

    1. Debra, you are right. There are cooking “functions” and cooking “programs” manufacturers like to lump them all together so it looks like the cooker has more buttons and options compared to the competition.

      I appreciate your feedback and see how this can cause confusion so in the ULTRA preview, I will specifically call out what can just be punched-in and what is an actual “function”. I’m also working on a new format of pressure cooker reviews (testing the FUNCTIONS) so I will definitely distinguish between the “programs” and “functions” there.



  13. I just want to know what the price will be and when it is ready for purchase

    1. It’s available today. Click on the amazon link to see all the details. : )



  14. Hi Laura,
    Thanks for your reply. Your welcome on the feedback.
    In the meantime since posting , I was trying to remember where I read additional info on Instant Pot Slow Cooker. I finally found it. on
    “anyone have problems using-instant-pot-as-slow-cooker”
    If one scrolls down to Go Dakcart post and then read through Halgorithmia posts, one will find some interesting info.
    I will be most interested in your future reviews as I have found a few things i would love you to comment on for slow cooking:
    a. 1.5 cups of water (at least) or a liquid consistent of water is needed to activate pressure
    b. food should be off the bottom of pot to allow circulation of heat
    c.bowl within bowl for thicker sauces
    d.Normal mode on Instant Pot is like Low on a stove top cooker
    e.vent – pressure release in vent position
    f. slow cook is based on temperature vs pressure
    g.low mode with pressure will bring pressure and heat to 201 degrees then turns to stay warm mode at 195 degrees for remainder of time – thus under cooking recipe
    also in general:
    1.Dry Canning can not be done in Instant pot but Water Canning can be
    2. a 6qt Instant pot can comfortably brown and hold a 3lb whole chicken vs.
    a 5/6lb whole chicken or roast is comfortable in a 8qt Instant pot. for browning and cooking
    3. egg holders for Instant pot
    Thanks, Laura

  15. LAURA
    I just clicked on the Reddit link above and it took me to a PORN site!!!!
    Not happy! Can you check it out please.

    1. OMG. I didn’t see the type-o. I have fixed it. I think this is where Debra meant to link..

      THANK YOU!!!

  16. Is there a 8 qt size of this? It would be perfect and then I would only buy two :D It is so new, I find it hard to find any information. Even their website does not list all their models :P

    1. I don’t know – If I get some inside info on the sizes that I can share – I will come back to add the information to this article and let you know!



  17. Up to how many hours does this model have on the slow cook function?

  18. I got the duo plus can hardly hear beep when finished wish loudness was adjustable not just on or off they quieted beep too

  19. Is the Duo Plus available in 8 qt? Others have asked and I am wondering if there is an update.

  20. I’m interested in duo plus 8 qt as well. :)

  21. Has anyone tried the yogurt making feature?

    1. Laura has.
      There is a recipe on this site somewhere that details the steps needed.
      Search for Yogurt (or Yoghurt – I don’t remember which spelling Laura used))

      I don’t have an IP, so I followed the directions using a Sous Vide machine when I tried it.

  22. Do you still recommend the Duo Plus over the Ultra?
    Is there an easy answer to whether the extra money from the Smart is worth the upgrade from the Duo Plus?
    Are new models/technology expected soon? (I.e., any reason to wait before purchasing now.)

    1. I would like to know the answer to this as well. I was leaning toward the ultra but now not so sure.

      1. David and Karen, I haven’t used the DUO Plus enough to wholeheartedly recommend. In the first uses I’ve had with it I’m impressed, especially since it’s so much easier to “adjust” things by tapping on the same button compared to both the original DUO and the Ultra. The Plus has the sterlize setting, which I panned in the ULTRA review, so I can’t reccomend using that setting – but its otherwise appears to be a solid cooker.

        I’m going to start using it more as it will be the next Instant Pot I review – though I can’t promise that will happen soon as I’m currently trying to get another review (Fagor) out by next week!

        I think it’s logical to expect an update to the SMART but I can’t really say if it’s happening – I can only say I haven’t seen an updated SMART myself so I can’t even adress if it would be worth the wait or not.



    2. My comment is coming a long time after David’s question “any reason to wait before purchasing now?” but I think it’s still relevant and always will be. I think we can assume there will always be a “new model” coming from Instant Pot as they want to remain competitive in the marketplace and constantly improve their products. It’s kind of like computers and smartphones. The next or newest model is always likely to have some feature you wish the computer or smartphone you now own, had. At some point you have to tell yourself, “I think this model (computer, smartphone or Instant Pot) will meet my needs. In the case of the Instant Pot, the one you buy will likely allow you to create many delicious meals and give you many hours of pleasure. So, take a look at what’s currently available and choose the model you believe will best meet your needs and desires NOW.

  23. I have the DUO 60 and love it. I also have a spare inner pot. Are the pots between the DUO 60 and the DUO Plus interchangeable? I want to upgrade but not at the inner pots are incompatible.

    1. Yes, the inner-pots of all Instant Pot models are interchangeable within the same size (6qt with 6qt, for example).



  24. Is the Instant Pot Duo Plus available in an 8 quart yet? thanks!

  25. It’s available in 3, 6, and 8 quarts…

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