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Zavor LUX - Good House Keeping Seal of Approval: 2017 Best of the TEST If this cooker looks a little familiar… there’s a reason why.  Although Zavor is a brand new company, it’s founders were actually the people behind Fagor America. And because of this, Zavor is authorized to produce some of the greatest hits from Fagor America. Like, the award-winning LUX Multicooker (with a few extra touches).

Just to be clear, Zavor is a completely new company – they will not be able to honor warranty requests for Fagor America products.

Just as you would expect from the LUX family of multicookers, this one pressure cooks at high and low pressure, slow cooks at two temperatures, it makes yogurt, it can steam, it can brown and saute’, it makes rice and desserts too! It also has some pre-programmed cooking times and pressures for the most frequently cooked foods you’d make, such as “Bean/Chili”, “Meat/Poultry” and “Pot Roast” – that way you won’t have to look-up the cooking times. You can also set your own pressure cooking time using the “Manual” button.

Zavor' LUX Edge Mulicooker Control Panel. Program Buttons shown (from left-right, top to bottom): Time Delay/Keep Warm, Brown/Saute, Steam, Manual, Vegetable, Soup, Yogurt, Rice; Pot Roast, Meat/Poultry, Beans/Chili, Dessert/Oats

There’s also a delay feature so that you can put everything in the cooker, and then choose how much time you want to pass before the program begins.

The LUX Edge comes with a stainless steel rack with handles. So, this is really handy for multi-level cooking, such as desserts or one of my recipes where you boil beans on the bottom, and steam rice on top and you’ve got a burrito bowl.

The inner-pot is stainless steel and one of my favorite features for inner pots – because previously many manufacturers didn’t do this – is that it has the “Max 2/3” and “1/2” full lines. If you’re new to pressure cooking, one of the things you should know is that when you’re using a multicooker to pressure cook you can never fill the inner pot completely full.  That’s because you need to leave enough space for the steam to build pressure and also you don’t want pieces of food to splatter or raise to the top and block the safety valves in the lid.  The Max 2/3 full is for almost all food types, while the Max 1/2 full line is for the maximum amount of grains, beans, rice, and fruits (including their cooking liquid).

The LUX Edge has a very powerful heating element.  This means that you can brown meat in it really well, just as you would in a saute pan, but directly in the pressure cooker.

Another neat feature is the ability to “mute” all of the sounds. That’s for when you might be pressure cooking early in the morning making oatmeal and you don’t want to wake anyone up, or late at night you might have a nice stock going while everyone is sleeping and you don’t want beeping while you’re programming the cooker or when the cooking time is finished.

So, if you want to stop the cooker from making any noise it’s really easy.  Just press “+” and “-” buttons to the right of the display at the same time until the display says “mute”.  And to turn the sound back on, press the same buttons again until the cooker beeps and the display says “beep”.

I’ll be doing a full review of this cooker soon. I really liked the original LUX, so I’m going to find all the other little things that they’ve added to it.

Zavor pressure and multicookers are currently available for purchase at Bed, Bath & Beyond, Macy’s, Sur La Table, and Williams-Sonoma. There is an economy version (that does not slow cook or make yogurt and with a non-stick insert) on Amazon as the model name “Select”.




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  1. Laura, I look forward to your full review of the Zavor Lux pressure cooker. I am a life long cat lover and so the cat in the video was so enjoyable for me. I knew he was going to jump inside the pressure cooker because that’s just what cats do. He is beautiful and thank you for rescuing him.

  2. I noticed Black Friday that Home Depot was selling them as well.

  3. My new Zavor Lux LCD is being delivered today. I ordered the 8qt to have the capacity to cook large batches even though there are only 2 of us. I am interested in hearing how the Zavor works with “pot-in-pot” cooking for smaller amounts. Since we are downsizing soon ,I wanted to replace my 6qt pressure cooker and 6 & 8 qt slow cooker to reduce storage needs.

  4. I was so sorry when I heard that Fagor was out of business. Will the Zavor parts fit my Fagor? I haven’t had it that long.

    1. So far, they told me…. no. There is no compatibility of replacement parts. : (



      1. Except for the removable cooking pots. I saved the ceramic pot from my Fagor and the folks at Zavor said I could use it in my Zavor.

  5. Good morning,
    I have a Fagor LUX Multi Cooker and ‘lost’ the pressure relief cap, any chance you can help with a replacement?
    Thank you

  6. What country is ZAVOR made in?

    1. China. All electric pressure cookers of ANY brand are manufactured in China.



  7. O my goodness! Laura, I so much liked your hair the natural color way..
    Your picture icon looked unrecognizable. What happened to the Italian gal? I thought it was a mini-teen..Please don’t be offended by my comment….I guess I was never into fads. Please don’t be offended by my opinion, it’s just mine!

  8. I admire your work resquing cats. However, a cat in the kitchen and on the counter top and climbing into the pot is disgusting. I couldn’t keep watching. Next time have the cat shut out of the room before you begin your video. Good luck to you in the future.

  9. I have owned this instant pot less than 6 months and it no longer works. I use it about once every two weeks. I discourage others from buying this brand. My daughters have the instant pot brand and have not had any problems

  10. Is the LUX EDGE the newest model. What is the differences compared to the last one?

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