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UPDATED: Which Instant Pot model is right for you?

Instant Pot Choice

We’ve updated this article to include Instant Pot’s version numbers, as well. As the presenter in of Instant Pot’s product videos,  I’m… Read More »

New Video: Instant Pressure Cooker Hot Sauce!

The pressure cooker hot sauce is technique I invented over FOUR years ago but its popularity endures. Watch how I make it – and don’t miss the photos in the comments from readers who’ve already tried it!

Good Housekeeping Mag Adds Multi Cooker Reviews -Fagor Wins Big!

Good Housekeeping Magazine names Fagor Multi and Pressure Cookers winners

Multi cookers are often grouped with stove top pressure cookers because they have a program or two that cooks at pressure…. Read More »

Bean Essentials – Pressure Cooking School

Pressure Cooker Bean Essentials!

Today, we’re pressure cooking beans! We’ll discuss the difference between pressure cooking beans straight from dry, versus soaked.  I will… Read More »

Pressure Cooking DRY versus SOAKED Beans

Pressure Cooking DRY versus SOAKED Beans

Here’s a bowl of red kidney beans that I took right out of the package and put in the pressure cooker. Do you see how unevenly cooked they are?

Long-soaking and Quick-soaking beans in the Pressure Cooker

how to long-soak and quick-soak beans

Let me show you two ways to soak beans. The first one is the traditional overnight soak, and the second one only takes twelve minutes – that’s the quick-soak!

Black Bean & Lentil Chili – pressure cooker recipe

Black Bean and Lentil Chili Recipe

This pressure cooker chili is a one pot meal made with items you can find in any pantry. The black beans add depth and the lentils add a little spice – the mushrooms tie everything together into savory, satisfying dish.

5+ ROCKIN’ Pressure Cooker Chili Recipes

3 Pressure Cooker Chili Recipes!

The pressure cooker tenderizes tough meat, tames dry beans and infuses amazing flavor in chilis. We’ve got options to fit… Read More »

15+ Pressure Cooker Rice Recipes

Pressure Cooker Rice Recipes

Now that we’ve shown you how to turn your pressure cooker into a rice cooker, a collection of our rice recipes and techniques from savory to sweet, from white rice to brown, black, red, green and even parboiled rice.

Rice Basics – Pressure Cooking School

Pressure Cooker Rice Basics - Pressure Cooking School!

Today we’re going to use the pressure cooker as a rice cooker. We’re going to make two recipes. First, a… Read More »

Turn Your Pressure Cooker Into a Rice Cooker!

Turn Your Pressure int a Rice Cooker

Ok, are you ready for this? The key to perfectly cooked rice in the pressure cooker is… to

Pressure Cooker Steamed Brown Rice

Pressure Cooker Brown Rice - Pressure Cooking School

This is a pretty simple recipe that showcases how the pressure cooker’s steam can make perfect grains of fluffy rice – even brown rice! As we mentioned earlier

Add Veggies to Pressure Cooker Rice – without making a big mess!

Vegetable Water Content

At the beginning of this lesson, I mentioned how if you add vegetables to your perfect pressure cooker rice you might get a mess – let me explain why.

Pressure Cooker Confetti Basmati Rice Recipe

Pressure Cooker Confetti Rice Recipe

This recipe shows you how to add vegetables to any pressure cooker rice dish but counting some of the vegetables as the cooking liquid. The exceptions

The First Recipe – Pressure Cooking School

Today we’re going to make our first pressure cooker recipe: a delicious Garlic Cauliflower Potato Mash – don’t worry, it’s… Read More »

Garlic Cauliflower Potato Mash – Sneaky Healthy Pressure Cooker Recipe!

Garlic Cauliflower Potato Mash Pressure Cooker Recipe

Make this recipe with any kind of potato – leave the skin on for extra fiber and protein or peel it off before starting. It’s up to you. The pressure cooker will tenderize the skins so they’ll add color, but they will be barely noticeable texture-wise.

How to Halve or Double A Pressure Cooker Recipe

Halving or Doubling a Pressure Cooker Recipe

When you double or halve a recipe, such as the Garlic Cauliflower Mashed Potatoes, you don’t need to increase or… Read More »

The Pressure Cooker’s Minimum Liquid Requirement

Pressure Cooker Minimum Liquid Requirement

The minimum liquid requirement is the least amount of liquid your pressure cooker needs to create enough steam to build… Read More »

50+ Easy Pressure Cooker Recipes

50+ EASY Pressure Cooker Recipes

Here are our easiest pressure cooker recipes – suitable for Instant Pot, electric pressure cookers and stove-top pressure cookers. What… Read More »

Getting Acquainted – Pressure Cooking School

Today we’re going to get acquainted with the pressure cooker. We’re going to learn all about the pressure cooker parts… Read More »