Recording of Martha Stewart Radio Interview with hip founder

martha stewart pressure cooker interviewMartha Stewart Living Radio interviewed Laura Pazzaglia, the founder of, on all things pressure cooker. We’ve got a recording share with anyone who might have missed it.

Play Laura’s September 28th, 2012 live interview with the Martha Stewart Living Radio show hosts to hear her discuss:

– Pressure Cooker vs. Slow Cooker (2:30)
– How a pressure cooker works (3:40 )
– How Laura got started pressure cooking (5:30)
– Pressure Cooking Meats (7:00)
– Older vs. Modern Pressure Cookers -safety systems (8:10)
– Pressure Release Methods (10:45)
– Taste benefits of pressure cooking (12:45)
– Recipes that work well in the pressure cooker (13:30)
– Carnitas Recipe with tips on using hot pepper under pressure (14:30)

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