martha stewart pressure cooker interviewMartha Stewart Living Radio interviewed Laura Pazzaglia, the founder of, on all things pressure cooker. We’ve got a recording share with anyone who might have missed it.

Play Laura’s September 28th, 2012 live interview with the Martha Stewart Living Radio show hosts to hear her discuss:

– Pressure Cooker vs. Slow Cooker (2:30)
– How a pressure cooker works (3:40 )
– How Laura got started pressure cooking (5:30)
– Pressure Cooking Meats (7:00)
– Older vs. Modern Pressure Cookers -safety systems (8:10)
– Pressure Release Methods (10:45)
– Taste benefits of pressure cooking (12:45)
– Recipes that work well in the pressure cooker (13:30)
– Carnitas Recipe with tips on using hot pepper under pressure (14:30)

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See photo of the interview in progress on Facebook


  1. You sound very nice!!

  2. i hate your accent. where are you from?

    1. What a coincidence! I don’t like xenophobes. Where are you from?



  3. This is really fantastic, loved all the tips!

  4. I come to your website all the time. Like ALL THE TIME and really appreciate that you shared pressure cooking. Yay for Martha Stewart!!

  5. Heard the interview, congrats! Thanks for spreading the word. I was recently gifted a Wolfgang Puck electric pressure cooker. I’m intrigued by your chocoflan! I’m gonna hunt a tube pan down. I also crack up when chefs on tv have trouble with pressure cookers. It should be a applicant requirement for Top Chef… Thanks for posting your recipes. I look forward to trying some more :)

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