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Today we’re going to use the pressure cooker as a rice cooker. We’re going to make two recipes. First, a perfectly steamed brown rice and second, a super simple Basmati Confetti Rice. I’ll teach you the key to perfectly cooking any rice in your pressure cooker and how to add vegetables to any rice recipe without making a big mess.

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Most electric pressure cookers have a rice program. The problem is, these programs are all over the map. For example, the Fagor pressure cooker’s program cooks for ten minutes at low pressure, the Breville five and the Instant Pot twelve. Could they all give you perfectly cooked rice? I don’t think so.

If you’re having problems perfectly cooking rice in your pressure cooker, or you don’t have a rice program. Let me show you the hip method.


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Pressure Cooker Rice Basics - Pressure Cooking School!

Pressure Cooker Rice Basics - Pressure Cooking School