Turn Your Pressure Cooker Into a Rice Cooker!

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Ok, are you ready for this? The key to perfectly cooked rice in the pressure cooker is…

..to carefully measure the liquid and grain before you put it in the pressure cooker. That’s it!

That’s because the pressure cooker has very little evaporation, so it’s not like an open pot where if there is too much it can just evaporate away. No, in the pressure cooker it just stays there. Whatever liquid the rice itself has not absorbed will just stay in the pressure cooker and give you soggy rice.

I’ve tested and developed my very own pressure cooking time for just about every kind of rice there is out there. So just look at the cooking chart on this website to find out how many cups of liquid per how many cups of rice you need to put in your recipe.

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We’re talking about ratios here, so when I say “cups” this could be a measuring cup, a glass, even a mug. The important part is to use the same container to measure both the rice and the liquid – this maintains the tested ratio for rice to liquid.

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For example, one cup rice to 1 1/2 cups liquid. And, of course, this liquid can be water, stock or leftover cooking liquid from another recipe.

To review, if your pressure cooker’s rice program isn’t giving you satisfactory results:

  1. Forget the rice program – punch-in the cooking time I’ve tested for you using the manual or custom mode.
  2. Carefully measure rice and liquid – don’t wing it. Usea a measuring cup, or glass, or any container to carefully measure how much rice and how much liquid are going into the pressure cooker.
  3. Use the recommended opening method – that’s the 10-minute Natural Release. Which just means, when cooking time is up wait 10 minutes before opening the lid. This lets the rice continue cooking without any additional heat. I’m going to show you how it works at the end of the next recipe.

Perfect Rice Checklist

Let’s get started!


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How to get perfect pressure cooker rice: 1. Forget the rice program. 2. Measure rice & liquid. 3. Use the recommended opening method.

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