1. Please help me with cooking a Christmas pudding in my Salton electric pressure cooker. Thank you. Wendy Dixon

    1. Wendy, you can follow the procedure in this article using your own recipe:



  2. Laura thank you for your prompt reply. Your pressure cooking Christmas puddings instructions and recipes are very informative. My Salton Pressure cooker model is SEPC01 and I don’t seem to be able to choose times and settings. Do you have any advice? Many thanks.

  3. Can I get an instruction booklet in Afrikaans fir my Saltin electric pressure cooker please?
    Model: SEPC01

  4. How do I determine which setting to use for eg potatoes?
    Wat is the difference between delicste, standard & ricj?

  5. What is the removable cooking bowl made of on model pc1683? Thank you

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