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This model is also known as X’press Cooker


Hip Summary:
Sping-valve pressure cooker with  four  settings (valve removal, pressure release, low pressure, and high pressure).  Maximum operating pressure ( setting 2) is not stated.

Manufacturer Website: Tefal Cookware

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  1. Can you tell me if this is missing a part and is safe to use and if so where I can buy missing part .
    Thank yoy

    1. Rick, it appears to be complete from the top, you should check under the lid if there is a gasket and then do a hot water test to see if it holds a seal before attempting to pressure cook with it.

  2. I have the above picture seb pressure cooker but without the black knob (missing) I have the five hole gasket under the lid but my orange button to release the lid won’t go in or out, This makes opening the lid super difficult. Should I use some kind of a lube oil to get the orange button to move in and out? Where can I get the black knob shown in the picture above?

  3. Where can I buy a 9.5 inch o.s. diameter seal for a SEB pressure cooker .

    1. You need to contact SEB directly.



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