Shef Pressure Cooker Instruction Manual

Also known as VonShef
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Hip Notes:

Spring-valve pressure cooker with one selector with three settings (high pressure, low pressure and valve removal). The highest operating pressure (II) is 90kpa equivalent to 13psi.

The manual does not contain information on the minimum liquid requirements. Reader reports say the cooker itself does have the minimum mark etched at the base of the cooker and it indicates 1L (4 cups). Based on our experience with this kind of pressure cooker, we recommend bringing the 3L size cooker up to pressure with 1 cup of liquid (250ml) and 6L size cooker up to pressure with 1 1/2 cups (375ml).

To use the Shef or VonShef pressure cooker add the food and liquid, close the lid and choose the pressure setting.  Place on a burner, or flame, that is not wider than the pressure cooker, on high heat.  When you see steam coming out of the valve (in approximately 10 minutes), lower the heat to medium and begin counting the pressure cooking time – the time indicated in the recipe or the cooking time chart for the main ingredient.

When cooking time is up turn off the heat, either release pressure Normally by twisting the valve to the pressure release position (the picture of the cloud) or Naturally by moving the cooker to a cool burner.

Take a look at our infographic on how to use the pressure cooker for more details.

Manufacturer Website: Shef Products

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