PREVIEW: Sneak Peek of the upcoming Instant Pot SMART

Just a couple of weeks ago we got one of the very first production units of the much-awaited new Instant Pot model: SMART. It’s a new kind of pressure cooker that interacts with an app to give more detailed cooking instructions and see more information about what’s going on inside the pot. It’s not just a multi-cooker, it’s a smartcooker!

With Instant Pot’s OK we gave hip pressure cooking newsletter subscribers an advance peek last week, and now we can share these preview pics with everyone.

The Instant Pot SMART will begin shipping to US and Canada in late November/early December.  The accompanying app – which lets you run existing recipe scripts, or write your own and share them –  will initially be launched for ipads/iphones but and an Android-compatible app will be launched the first quarter of 2015.

Even without the app, the SMART has all of the features of their previous model DUO (saute’, keep warm, slow cook, rice cook, steam, pressure cook and make yogurt).  Plus, extra icons at the top of the display let you know when the heating element is on or off, how much pressure is inside, whether bluetooth is on and if the app is connected.

Personally, I’m having lots of fun playing with it.  Yes, I’ve written some pressure cooker recipe scripts but I’ve also written a script to ferment my milk kefir and raise my sourdough starter.  Now, I just push a button and I don’t have to go through a lot of hand-wringing about whether something will take more or less time depending on my kitchen’s temperature.

We’ll share more information as we’re able so stay tuned! You’ll get the latest information and special announcements in the hip pressure cooking newsletter first, so be sure to subscribe (it’s free and we will not share your email address with anyone)!

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