STOP making these pressure cooking MISTAKES!

Common Mistakes in Pressure Cookery
Is your pressure cooked food boring? tasteless? lacking… hip? We’ve got solutions to help your pressure cooker recipes achieve maximum velocity flavorage!!

funny faces with a pressure cooker6. You bored it to death.  Boiling food in the pressure cooker is best reserved for soups, stews and stocks.  Some ingredients are better steamed (held out of the cooking liquid via a steamer basket) or braised (cooked with a minimum of liquid).  Change-up the cooking method and give boiling a break so your pressure cooker can reward you with boundless flavor.

5. Your herbs and spices are ancient history. Whenever possible use fresh herbs and spices.  Whenever not possible, lightly crush and rub dry herbs before tossing them in the pressure cooker. Whack whole spices with something heavy and toast powdered spices to invite their flavor to the pressure cooker party.

4. Your aromatics are in hiding.  How many recipes don’t start by sauteing an onion, shallot, leek  or garlic clove?  Yours.  Aromatics and can really pack a punch.  Don’t toss the onion or garlic clove raw – pressure cooking will magically preserve their pungent flavor.  Saute them until soft or golden to unleash their true potential.

3. You pressure cooked an innocent by stander. Meats and veggies that would ordinarily be cooked with a quick hop in the saute pan –  for example boneless chicken breasts or bean sprouts – are not appropriate for the pressure cooker.  The result will either be tough and dry or liquefied beyond recognition and devoid of any taste. Pay your saute’ pan a little homage for quick-cooking ingredients.

2. You over-killed it. Overcooking is a rookie mistake – not referring to the pressure cooking time chart and trying to wing it usually leads to a pile of puree.  Improvise the recipe, but not the pressure cooking times.  Always refer to your pressure cooker’s time table, or our comprehensive pressure cooker time table, for the cooking time of your recipe’s main ingredient.

1. You drowned it.  Pressure cooking the food in too much liquid is the number one reason your pressure cooked food is tasteless.

An open simmering pot can evaporate almost a cup of liquid in 10 minutes.  Your pressure cooker: less than tablespoon.

Reduce the cooking liquid by a gazillion percentor just use the minimum a mount of liquid your pressure cooker needs to reach and maintain pressure which is usually just a cup or two of liquid or so (check your instruction manual, to be sure).

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