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Quick Start Guide:


Instruction Manual:


Manufacturer Website: Tefal Cookware

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  1. I have this pressure cooker and cannot find recipes for it!
    very disappointing after spending money on it

    1. Kathy, you’re in the right place. Just click “recipe index” at the top of this page – you can use any pressure cooker recipe with this cooker.



  2. I have Emeril’s pressure cooker 2010 model and twice it has not come to pressure. …that’s my issue..but I use it a lot I use my regular recipes when I Cooke with it. I modified the timing..lots of guess work. …without a book for pressure cooking….

    1. Rae for help with your pressure cooker, follow these instructions and come to join us in the forums:

      See you there!


  3. Any chance I could have a manual and recipe book mailed to me? I lost mine..

    1. You can download an electronic copy or contact the manufacturer to ask for a printed copy. Above this comment section there is a link after the words “Manufacturer Website” click on that, to contact them.



  4. I used the pressure cooker three times so far. I love it. Problem: This last time, I made lamb chops. I reduced the honey based sauce; when I cleaned out, the Tfal coating was bubbled up in the center and washed right off with a soft cloth. Since the product was over a year old when I got it from a friend, it’s not under warranty even though it was actually only used a few times. I’m trying to find a new pot; I love cooking with it, but I won’t use peeling cookware. Is there a replacement part list? I can’t find one at all-only for Tfal’s latest model.

  5. Wow! What an amazing list of PC manuals! Got mine for my Emeril / T-Fal PC which I have yet to use! Will do so soon, though. Wonderful and informative site. Have stayed up two nights watching your videos and copying your recipes. I also purchased your book (didn’t realize you had associated sites). Thanks so much!

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