T-Fal Nutricook Pressure Cooker Manual

This pressure cooker model is also sold under the Lagostina and SEB brands.

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Hip Notes:
Sping-valve pressure cooker with integrated timer and four  settings (Vegetables, Starches, Meat and Fish).  Maximum operating pressure ( Fish program) is 12.3 psi or 85kpa – some recipes and ingredients will require time adjustments for non-standard cookers.

According to the manufacturer here are the pressures for each of the settings:

  • Vegetable: 40 kPa or 5.8 psi
  • Starch: 55 kPa or 8 psi
  • Meat: 70 kPa or 10.15 psi
  • Fish: 85 kPa or 12.3 psi

Be sure to keep the handles in the “up” position during cooking.

Readers report integrated timer has a tendency to fail prematurely (under one year of use). If this happens, the cooker can still be used without the custom timer. By using the pressure indicator located on the lid -the circle between the timer and the selection handle. Once the indicator has risen to indicate pressure, lower heat to maintain pressure and punch in the pressure cooking time in a separate timer.

One reader, Randal, was able to keep his replacement timer from failing by quickly removing it from the lid once the pressure cooking completed – before releasing pressure.

Manufacturer Website: Tefal Cookware

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