1. Err.. so where’s the manual?

    1. We’re slowly moving the manuals to individual pages with a preview and download link – the new system wasn’t that great and sometimes it showed the file and sometimes not. It seems to be solved for now – if you still do not see the manual, be sure to re-load this page holding down the shift-key and you should get the freshest “working” version of this page.

      The ultimate plan is not just to make the manuals pretty and pre-viewable, but also to add specific information about each pressure cooker such as operating pressure which may not be readily apparent or only available by contacting the manufacturer- and give the opportunity for readers to leave comments, questions and opinions on cookers that have not, or cannot be reviewed.



  2. Hi – I have registered with the website but I am unable to post a message. I was wanting to post a reply to a query about an old Tefal Sensor pressure cooker working pressure but have been unable to do so.

    The working pressure is given on the underside of the top handle as ’90kPa’ which is approximately 13 psi. The pressure cooker was originally supplied with 2 control valves, one with a red strip for 13 psi and the other with a green stripe for 8 psi as mentioned in the instruction manual..

    Hope that this helps.

    Alan Vickers..

    1. It seems like everything is working, now. Welcome!



  3. hard to read, bought cooker at a yard sale, need information on use. I think it is an older model. Tefal sensor with no openings on cover except for what’s on the handle. I want to be sure how to lower and release pressure. It’s a 6ltr , supersensitive safety system. Has red markings on dial, any infor would be appreciated. Thank you, Lucille

    1. Lu, post a picture of it please. You can attach it under the comment form.



  4. Hi, I’m looking for the T-FAL PTOMA pressure cooker manual. Could you please provide me the link for this specific model? Pictures are included.

    Thank you in advance!


  5. Second picture.

  6. I too need the manual on this pressure cooker. It was my aunts but I have no instructions or recipes. Thank you

    1. Please send me instruction booklet for T Fal 6 liter stove top pressure cooker. I bought at an estate sale and don’t know how to use it. Do not want to use until can use safely.

  7. Hi, have been given a Tefal Ultra Safe Optima pressure cooker. No manual or recipes. Can you please help? many thanks

    1. Penny, I can’t find any Tefals by that name, anywhere – not even to buy. What country did you buy it from, and how old is it?



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