For Cook’s Essentials Model Number: DYB350 (5L/5qt), DYB360 (6L/6QT), DYB370 (7L/7QT)

This pressure cooker was also sold under the brand name “Cooks&Chefs” or “Cooks and Chefs” and “ElecPro” using the same model numbers.

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Manufacturer Website: QVC

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  1. Where can I get a replacement gasket ?

  2. Where can I order a couple parts for this item? Gaskets, and the cooking rack? Thanks.

    1. I own a Cooks Essential 6qt Electric Pressure Cooker Model K41143/EPC-678.
      I have managed to locate on Amazon a replacement gasket that appears to work on this appliance. The gasket is the correct size and although not exactly the same profile as the original gasket if fits well. Sealing the lid seemed a bit more snug but not excessively so. I tested it using two cups of water with a 6 minute cook time. The applicance came up to pressure and successfully ran though is program cycle.

      I have included a link to the gasket on Amazon below . If the link does not work then simply seach Amazon for “WMF Sealing Ring For All WMF pressure Cookers & Pressure Frying Pans, Large”.

  3. Brandy and Felicia, you need to contact QVC for replacement parts, if any. This particular pressure cooker was produced and sold 10 years ago and parts may no longer be available.



    1. Hello, I know I’m late on the conversation, but i just contacted QVC for a replacement lid seal for my Cooks Essential 6qt and they just automatically shipped me one for free. Very cool, great customer service. :)

      1. Wow, Sandy! That’s great news that you were able to find a replacement seal. So glad you came back to let us know how it went!!!



  4. Lost manual for electric pressure cooker model # dyb350 could you please let me know where I can find one. Thanks Sherry.

  5. Thank you Laura Pazzaglia.. will do!

  6. I am stilling waiting to hear about the manual for the electric pressure cooker I have, it’s the dyb350 model

    1. You are commenting ON the page for the manual you need. Just click “download” to save a copy to your computer – no more waiting!



  7. Hello, I was wondering if you have instructions on the DYB360 cooks digital electric pressure cooked? Also wondering if I can order missing parts?
    Thank you

    1. Are you having problems seeing the manual on this page? Click on the download link to save a copy to your computer.



  8. I purchased a Technique digital pressure cooker modle# DYB 350 and I need a new replacement pressure valve,red float valve, and a new gasket for my pressure cooker please if you could let me no how I could’ve these parts I would greatly appreciate it slot so I could use my pressure cooker Again so I could cook with it again thank you so much.

  9. I need to have my pressure cooker serviced,i called the number that came with my cooker but its no longer in use,I have the Technique Digital Pressure Cooker model #350

  10. I bought a Technique pressure cooker at a qvc outlet. I need a new gasket for model 99765 and can’t find one. I love to use this all the time. Please let me know if you can help me find one. Thank you.

  11. I have a 6.5 quart technique pressure cooker that I purchased from QVC. I have used it a half dozen times and the pressure valve housing broke. I tried to get a replacement from QVC but they say it is a discontinued product. Makes me wonder why…..These are not cheap and it is unfair that I have to just throw it away. I need to know if the pressure valve housing can be ordered and replaced or am I just wasting my time. Yes, I am very very upset that this is happening and the company should stand behind their product no matter what. What a law suit this would have brought if I would have tried to use it and got hurt……..Please contact me and let me know what I need to do……Vey sad that I have to deal with something like this….

    1. How can the pressure valve housing break? Could it be that it’s just unscrewed?

      QVC uses different electric pressure cooker manufacturers to re-brand and produce their pressure cookers. Unfortunately, the Technique was so bad that the supplier behind it went out of business. My understanding is that you’re lucky to have gotten to use it half a dozen times – many people reported problems even getting it to work out of the box. For some reason, last time I checked, they are still un-loading this pressure cooker on amazon.

      If you’re within your return period, I would do that. If not, and you purchased it with your credit card, see how long your card’s buyer protection extends.

      Sorry that I could not give you more information on this.



      P.S. If the pressure valve does not seal correctly the cooker will not reach pressure.

  12. I have a Teachnique Electric Digital Pressure Coo
    Cooker Model #99759 purchased from QVC
    Some time ago. I have only use it a handful
    Of times and the pressure value housing is
    Broken through normal use.
    The 800 336-4822 number provided in the
    Warranty doesn’t work. The top needs to
    be replaced or repaired.
    What can you do to make this matter resolved?
    Urgently awaiting your response.

    1. Michelle, Technique has gone out of business. I would search on e-bay to see if you can find a used one to use for parts.



  13. 8.5 Quart

  14. In our move I lost the pressure limiting valve to my Cook’s Essential 6 QT pressure cooker K41143/EPC-678. Could anyone tell me where I can get that replacement part. Unconcerned with the color. HELP!!!

    1. I have lost mine too for the same model – did you ever find a replacement? I’m searching and haven’t found a source yet.

  15. I bought the Technique Pressure Cooker from QVC a few years ago but have only used it a dozen or so times. Just tonight I was using it as a cooker only… not a pressure cooker. All of a sudden I could smell something burning and couldn’t figure out what it was. Then the pressure cooker just stopped working. I think the cord burnt out or something. I am certain I couldn’t get another cord … if that is even the problem. I only mention this in case getting replacement parts aren’t in your best interest. As I read through some sites, I see that there have been problems with this small appliance for many. This would have been scary if I was using it as a slow cooker and it happened while I was gone. Just an FYI… Lynne

  16. I need the pressure valve housing as well. I was putting the lid away and I bumped it and caused it to break. I love my pressure cooker and use it a lot. I have never had a problem with it. I can’t even find one for parts anywhere. If anyone finds a place to get parts, it would be awesome!

  17. I need a gasket for my pressure cooker. Model # dyb350. I boughtit at QVC . Can you help me find one for it

  18. Are these used for canning?

    1. If by “Canning” you mean pressure canning, then NO!!!
      No electric pressure cooker should be used for pressure canning. There is one dedicated electric pressure canner out there, but that is all. This is not it.

      If you mean waterbath canning then that is OK, but a large saucepan will do just as well.

  19. I have the model DYB350 I need a gasket and new lid my broke. It’s my favorite thing to cook in. Where can I order replacement parts?

    1. I have dyb360. I need a gasket too. You find out anything let me know.

  20. Can you use this for canning

    1. No electric pressure cooker is approved for pressure canning – even if it has a “setting” for it.

      More info:



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