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  1. I need an instruction book for my power cooker. Also how do I set cook time for more than 30 minutes and I need a cookbook

    1. If you didn’t get either one let me know. I’ll take photos of both and email them to you.

  2. I am afraid to use cooker without a cookbook. Can’t find one on internet. Please help.

    1. Click on the download link, above where you left your comment. : )



  3. I refuse to download software that is unnecessary. I use Adobe and have no need to a PDF converter.

    1. Kevin, your browser should already have an Adobe plug-in. I’m sorry. I can’t get this manual to you in any other format. You might want to download it and run it through a site that turns each page into an image. Like..



  4. I need a canning cookbook on my pressure cooker where can I find one and need also better instructions on each functions

    1. Janie, although your electric pressure cooker has a canning function it is not approved for such a use by the USDA. That’s why you can’t find a book on how to pressure can in it.

      Here are more details:



  5. How do I set cook time for more than 30 minutes?

  6. How to make hard boil eggs in this cooker?
    Are there accessories such as a rack for this product?

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