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Quick Start Guide:


Instruction Manual:


Hip Notes:
Electric pressure cooker with adjustable pressure. The default pressure for the cooking programs is 70kpa (equivalent to 10.1psi) but the pressure can be adjusted manually by pushing the “pressure adjust” button and set in 10kpa increments between 20 and 80 kpa (equivalent to 2.9 to 11.6 psi).

Manufacturer Website: Tristar Products

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  1. cant get my power xl electric pressure cooker (that i love) wont seal. lid wont lock

    1. Ann, make sure that there is nothing underneath the inner bowl and that the gasket in the lid is in the right position – occasionally these gaskets need to be replaced (they usually last about 18 months) so contact the retailer or manufacturer to find out where to purchase replacement parts.



      1. Can’t get condensation collector to attach to Power Cooker Wal3. Took it off to clean after using once. Can’t get it back on.

  2. Any suggestions on how to get burned food off of the bottom of the inner liner? I cooked the pot roast recipe from the recipe book that came with the cooker last evening, but the bottom of the liner was black when I opened it after it cooked. Luckily the food didn’t taste burned, but I’ve had the liner soaking over night and it still has black on the bottom.

  3. try soaking with a dryer fabric sheet (or 2) overnight with hot water. My other trick for burned pot bottoms is to add water to just above the burned line and sprinkle some dishwasher detergent ( the powered crystal kind – not the gel) soak over night. good luck

  4. after cooker shuts off the lid will not unlock , have to put in fridge over night before it will unlock
    cooked chicken say 10;am at 5:00pm lid still locked. what can be done to fix this problem?

    1. Shirley, did you try releasing the pressure through the valve on the lid?



  5. How do I change the cooking time? Whenever I hit a new time it just goes back to the default 15 minutes. Can you give me exact instructions on how to change the time. Say for example–for applesauce.

    1. I found that if I use the “stew” setting it will go for longer set time.

  6. Could someone please respond to Nancy’s post about how to set the time manually? I’ve been trying to figure this out for a long time now and I can’t find it in the manual or anywhere

  7. I bought the tristar power cooker plus from Sam’s Club and need a manual, how can I get one?

    1. Click on the link called “download” above where you left your comment.



    2. I need a manual also. Did you ever get one?

  8. I have lost the button behind the pressure valve, where can I get one?

    1. You need to contact the retailer or manufacturer, by following the link above for Tristar. BTW, it’s called “pressure indicator”. ; )



  9. How do you set the cook time to more than 30 min. Some dishes take an hour. Thanks

    1. Right under the pressure button is a button that says cook time, and on that you can punch in the time to 60 minutes, & I think that is all it goes. Don’t push the button on the other side where it only says “cook”, because that only goes up in increments of 1 so like for rice you only need 6-7minutes.


  11. How about talking about the Clock time process button? How about Steaming button? The manual is a useless document for instructions on the buttons.

    1. Do I ever agree with this statement. I went to the website and couldn’t get the “chat” person to open after having used it once. Wish I had gotten one of the true one button cookers. I will try the Cook Time only without pushing cook. It will be an extra meat dish for Thanksgiving. Here’s hoping.

  12. Would someone describe the sequence of steps to set cook time to a time to cook?
    Like 3 minutes for example.

    Thank you

  13. have tried several times to do the cooked eggs. I can set the rice button then the time button to 6. watch it count down, then it rumbles and does a self release. I am not impressed with this cooker. almost ready to put in yard sale

  14. I need a manual mailed to me

    1. Contact the manufacturer at the link provided, above. We only offer their electronic copy for download.



  15. Poor manual, there is nothing to describe how to adjust the relief valve.
    Also, we tried an experiment and loaded the fancy “XL” along side our our old-fashioned big pot to seal some jars. The “XL” was still
    Building pressure, while the old pot had the sealers all seated. Too slow. Poor manual.

    1. Dan, you shouldn’t use this pressure cooker for pressure canning. Perhaps you are referring to their other model with a canning button. Either way, please read this consumer alert:



      1. Thanks Laura,
        The box indicated this appliance could handle pressure sealing. That is one of the reasons we pur hsed this model.

        We will continue to use our old canning pot for our preserves.

        1. Yes me too ! How can I get a refund

  16. Where can I get a replacement liner. Mine is shot

  17. I have the ppc780p pressure cooker Plus the cancel button is lit up the system warms but I can’t cancel anything to go into another cooking face what to do I even tried unplugging it and coming back 5 minutes later and it comes back on the warm cancel phase

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