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For Model #PPC770

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Hip Notes:
Electric pressure cooker with default pressure for the cooking programs is 50kpa (equivalent to 7.2psi) and a pressure canning program that claims to cook at 82.7kpa (11.99psi).

WARNING: We do not recommend pressure canning in this pressure cooker. According to the National Center for Home Food Preservation (NCHFP), no electric pressure cookers have been approved for pressure canning:

Even if there are referrals to the National Center for HFP in the instructions for canning in the manufacturer's directions, we do not currently support the use of the USDA canning processes in electric, multi-cooker appliances.
more info: Consumer Alert: No Pressure Canning in electric pressure & multi-cookers says NCHFP

Manufacturer Website: Tristar Products

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  1. Just received my Pressure Cooker and it seems to be fine, but can I buy a recipe book in the UK for this, as there are very few in the booklet enclosed?

    1. Carole, just visit our recipe index. Our recipes are written with both US & UK ingredient measurements.



    2. Hi Carole
      I live in the UK, and I didn’t even get the books that were supposed to be enclosed. l called Tristar, and after a few days , the sent me one of the said books and another manual for an entirely different
      Product that I’d never heard of. I’ve called again and am waiting to see what happens. Did you meet
      With any success? Julia

  2. my 6qt. xl is only about 6mo’s. old I used it once, but now when I plug it in it goes to (warm/cancel) can not get it off of that. what can I do? model #PPC770.

    Sharon Lammert

    1. Some pressure cooker models never actually turn off until they are un-plugged.

      Does the display show “0000”? If that’s the case it’s supposed to do that. Why not try our pressure cooking lessons, they will familiarize you with how the pressure cooker works.



  3. Have the power pressure cooker. Says about 17 minutes to build pressure. Its is done building pressure by 5 minutes. Made my pork roast it would only do 29 minutes… opened up not even done.
    What am I doing wrong?

    1. Julie, join us in the forums to trouble-shoot. Here’s what we need to know:

      See you there!



  4. I have Model PPC770 and really like it. The main pot is wearing out completely on the inside bottom. I do put oil in it before I put in any meat. Can the pot be used like this or will it cause health problems? Can I buy a new pot? I’ve been recommending the cooker but this is a problem I didn’t predict.

    1. Yes, some manufacturers do sell extra replacement pots. Contact the manufacturer following the link above, to find out if Tristar does this.



  5. Laura, I have a Power Pressure Cooker XL 8 quart, model PPC 780 made by TRI STAR. I see a article on the web, [] that says pressure multi cookers should not be use for canning because of the risk of botulism

    Read more: No Pressure Canning in electric pressure & multi-cookers says NCHFP
    They refer to the model ppc 770 and xl 8 and 10 quarts. If so why isn’t there a recall on this product?

    1. Michael, at this time NO ELECTRIC PRESSURE COOKER of any brand or model is approved for pressure canning by the USDA.



  6. What foes it mean when the cooker never processes the batch but finally an “E3” appears on the LED?

    1. Suzy, you should not be using their electric pressure cooker for pressure canning:

      E3 means the unit is overheating. Let the cooker cool down completely, unplug, and try again.



  7. My cooker quit working, the light comes on but it will not program, I pushed the meat timer and no go, the red zero are starting to fade. please help, I love this cooker

  8. I have just. Bought the 5 l pressure cooker XL. But after reading the comment s on this page, and also not receiving the books, which were supposed to be enclosed, I’m reluctant to use it. Should I not use it for canning either, as one of the missing books was to use with canning and bottling. . Help, it’s still packed in its box , I was so looking forward to it and now I feel like I might of made a mistake buying it. Julia Peters UK

    1. Julia, this cooker can still be used to pressure cook. I’m not familiar with the home canning, and specifically pressure canning, guidelines in the UK – though I have not heard of electric pressure cookers being tested and approved to do home canning in Europe, either. In Italy, the discourage home cooks from doing home pressure canning altogether and for tomato sauces, they just instruct us to add x-amount of acid per size of jar and then boiling water can.



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