Laura Pazzaglia, the founder of, will demonstrate the latest pressure cooker models in the San Francisco Bay Area this summer!

Bring your most un-convinced relative, neighbor, friend and co-worker to see, taste, and take home a copy of exclusive recipes to make in your pressure cooker this summer.

Already pressure cook? You can come, too! Bring your cooker to the demo to get tips on cleaning it, maintaining it, and improving your pressure cooking.

Laura has developed two recipe sets to demonstrate the versatility of  pressure cooking.   The first celebrates summer with BBQ pork ribs cooked with a surprising partner, a veggie dip, and a quick fruit dessert. The second recipe set features recipes that are both low-carb and gluten-free  – but with a Spanish accent – including braised chicken, 1-minute quinoa and a warm custard.

Here are the dates so far, check back for new event additions :

8/3/12, 12-2pm
Wiliams-Sonoma, Valley Fair Mall  (2nd level, near Macy’s Women)
Fagor Futuro

8/8/12, 12-2pm
Williams-Sonoma, Stanford Shopping Center
Fagor Futuro

8/10/12, 12-2pm
Wiliams-Sonoma, Valley Fair Mall*
Fagor Futuro

8/11/12, 1-2:30pm 12-1:30pm
Pans on Fire
Fagor Futuro and Duo

8/17/12, 12-2pm
Wiliams-Sonoma, Valley Fair Mall
Fagor Futuro

8/24/12, 12-2pm
Wiliams-Sonoma, Valley Fair Mall*
Fagor Futuro

*special low-carb, gluten-free recipe set


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