Kuhn Rikon gives us a private tour of their cooking museum in Rikon, Switzerland. We got to see some of their earliest models, as well as one that was ahead of its time. Most importantly, the definitive answer on how to pronounce their  company name.

The video includes a Closed Caption (CC) subtitle track that can be viewed by clicking on the “CC” on the bottom-right corner of the video.

This is the first of three videos we filmed there. In the next video (coming soon), René will give us a tour of their cookware factory and he and his colleague, Pascal, will answer some reader questions!

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  1. I’m really glad you supplied closed captions. That Swiis dude was fine. but that American Italian – Sheesh!


    PS the way he says KR is pretty much the way I have always said it. Maybe he’s an Aussie

  2. Thank you Laura for a great video. So interesting and makes me love Kuhn Rikon all the more.

    I look forward to more!


  3. I loved seeing this! Back in ancient times (1990s) I used to demonstrate KR products in kitchen stores around San Francisco. Besides making excellent products, they were extremely kind and generous people. I wonder where Rudi, who was president of their USA operations, and a Swiss lady, name forgotten, who discussed Swiss history with me because my husband’s family immigrated from Switzerland, are now.

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