I was hired by Instant Pot to make a few videos, here’s one where I show how to use the Instant Pot to make a one pot meal with a beef roast and two veg! I use the “phase-in” method – adding ingredients according to their cooking time- to ensure the vegetables don’t turn to mush and keep the carrots whole so they can hold-up to the cooking time the potatoes need to cook.
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  1. I generally add whole corn on the cob to my pot roast… Should I split the phase in of the veggies to add the corn, or do you think it would be okay just on top? I use baby carrots so I’m pretty sure they don’t need 10 minutes either…

  2. I cooked this one last night and thought it was unsuccessful. The whole carrots and cubed potatoes were way over cooked for my taste – virtually mushy!
    The sauce was bland, a bit strange and unbalanced.
    I would not make this again. My husbands who loves meat thought it tasted too ‘meaty’!
    I like to follow the recipe to the letter the first time and
    then modify. I would have added garlic, onion
    maybe bay leaf – maybe a touch of vinegar and lots if pepper – definitely salt.

    1. Thanks Toni!! I read your comment before making and your suggestions made sense so I added all except vinegar. My family LOVED it! Very flavorful.

    2. Thank you Toni, I too took your suggestion since I’ve never cooked a roast without seasoning. Since I was using store bought stock, I didnt add salt, but lots of pepper, a bay leaf and a few teaspoons of apple cider vinegar to help tenderize the beef. Also used lots of minced garlic but didnt “saute in the searing mode, ” as I was afarid of it burning. Added halved onions in when adding potatoes and carrots.

  3. Made this last night with a grass fed beef round roast and it was amazing. The sauce was to die for!!!

    1. Steve, wondering if you experienced the tough layer of seared beef in your pot once searing? Did I lose out on flavor by scraping it off before cooking? Or does it get “steamed off” into the sauce during cooking?

  4. How do you keep the beef and veggies warm while the sauce reduces? We had to stick the whole thing in the oven! Seemed a total waste.

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