Vivid Veggies and Opening Methods - Pressure Cooking School

Today, we’re going to learn all about vegetables in the pressure cooker. We’re going to steam some broccoli and then I’m going to show you a technique that will turn any package of frozen veggies into a delicious stew.

But wait… there’s more!

We’re going to explore the pressure cooker’s opening methods in-depth.

Welcome to Pressure Cooking School!


pressure cooking schoolCONTINUE Lesson 5: Vivid Veggies

Vivid Veggies and Opening Methods - Pressure Cooking School

Vivid Veggies and Opening Methods - Pressure Cooking School





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  1. Enjoyed this lesson , hope I can find this site again to learn more cooking methods with my pressure cooker. Thank you

    1. Bonnie, by commenting you are automatically added to our newsletter so watch your mailbox for links to find us again. But, the internet is so vast and there are so many good things – it’s difficult to keep track of them all.




  2. Hi Laura
    just accessed your site – great
    two specific queries please
    1 how to make a mixed veg soup – how much water – can you cook all veggies together with the same water just adding the lighter ones last? if so do you jsut cook each vef for its appropriate time and then cok the othes separately or jsut cook dneser ones for a bit extra and add lighter after (x) amt of itme
    2) how to make chicken bone broth as I folowed hte isntruction on the pressure cooker but no way did I end up with amyway near the strength of flavour or goodness densitu of colour than if I had used conventiaonl 12-24 hors – so how do I get the same result with a presure cooker

    nb I have an instant pot pressure cooker

    1. Angela, you can “boil” the longer-cooking veggies and “steam” the shorter-cooking veggies on top. It depends on the veggies, but that’s an easier strategy than adding veggies in the cooker each time.

      For a good chicken bone broth, follow my technique. It has you just cover the ingredients with water so that you can get a more concentrated flavor without having to reduce it afterward. ; )



  3. So glad I found this site. This has been very helpful. I owned 2 pressure cookers many years ago and used them often, but after moving to FL and having a glass cooktop, my cookers wouldn’t work because the bottoms weren’t flat. So glad to see a resurgence in interest in this type of cooking. However, these new cookers are a whole new breed of cat. Years ago you just ran your cooker under the faucet to bring down the pressure, no pre-set times, no high and low pressures. This is a whole new learning curve, so I will be visiting your site often, I’m sure.

  4. Neighbor sent me this site. Very informative. Would like to receive your newsletter. Can you add me to your list. Thank you.

    1. Welcome, Joyce. Will do! Say “hi” to your neighbor for me!!



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