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Hip Summary:
Spring-valve pressure cooker with two pressure settings (low and high pressure). The highest operating pressure (second orange ring) 13.7psi or 95 kpa. Turn handle of pressure cooker toward the cook when releasing pressure.

Manufacturer Website: WMF

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  1. i bought my pc at a yard sale. my cooker has metal handles and it has a safety lock in the handle.cannot fine any info on it anywhere. it had no info with it. can anyone out there give me any info on the cooker? Thanks

    1. Can you please share with us what is printed on the base?



  2. I got wmf perfect pressure cooker I used first time was okay second time I don’t know the sound was different may be too much pressure don’t know what to do when this happens I did move away from stove I am little confused to use again

    1. When it goes into over-pressure (it whistles or the signal is too high out of the casing) simply turn down the temperature, and also release a little puff of pressure from the valve.



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