Wolfgang Puck Pressure Oven Instruction Manual

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Manufacturer Website: WP Cookware

Hip Notes:
Toaster oven with pressure functionality which is activated when the SEALING LEVER is put in the SEAL position and the VENT RELEASE VALVE at the top of the oven is also in the SEAL position. Operating pressure is not stated in the manual so we contacted the manufacturer to get this information. They told us the pressure oven operates at 1psi (which is not a non-standard operating pressure).

We received reports of people scalding their hands with hot steam when releasing pressure and opening the oven in the wrong sequence. It is important to note that to open the oven in the following sequence:

  1. The TIMER KNOB should be turned to 0 (unless already off).
  2. The VENT RELEASE VALVE at the top of the oven should be the VENT position with the handle of a spoon or a hand covered in a heat-resistant glove and the cook should wait until all steam has released.
  3. The SEALING LEVER at the front of the oven should be raised to STANDARD.
  4. Press the DOOR RELEASE BUTTON to open the door.

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