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Manufacturer Website: WP Cookware

Hip Notes:
Toaster oven with pressure functionality which is activated when the SEALING LEVER is put in the SEAL position and the VENT RELEASE VALVE at the top of the oven is also in the SEAL position. Operating pressure is not stated in the manual so we contacted the manufacturer to get this information. They told us the pressure oven operates at 1psi (which is not a non-standard operating pressure).

We received reports of people scalding their hands with hot steam when releasing pressure and opening the oven in the wrong sequence. It is important to note that to open the oven in the following sequence:

  1. The TIMER KNOB should be turned to 0 (unless already off).
  2. The VENT RELEASE VALVE at the top of the oven should be the VENT position with the handle of a spoon or a hand covered in a heat-resistant glove and the cook should wait until all steam has released.
  3. The SEALING LEVER at the front of the oven should be raised to STANDARD.
  4. Press the DOOR RELEASE BUTTON to open the door.
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  1. Door release button not working what can I do

    1. It could have a safety mechanism that prevents you from opening the door while there is pressure inside. Using the handle of a spoon (not your bare hand) twist the valve at the top of the oven to release pressure, then try opening the door again!



      1. I also have a Wolfgang Puck Oven that has a sticking door, my dinner is inside. Done everything except take a knife to it. How do I open it?

  2. Maybe the door or button or hinge is sticking? Have someone hold the release button and attempt to open by pulling, jiggling etc. Unplug first.

  3. Door release button not working , have tried wiggling, jiggling,pushing pulling and it still won’t open. My dinner is still in there.

    1. I read the trouble-shooting part of the manual, in addition to releasing pressure from the top make sure that IT IS plugged it – for some reason it needs to be plugged-in to release the door. And, if the timer knob is set to “0” and that you’ve pulled the door lever all the way down.



  4. Oven turns on but not heating up, please help thanksgiving in a few days

  5. Oven isn’t getting hot on regular setting. Heating elements do not get red or hot. Light works.

    1. Did you find out why I have this issue.

  6. page 24 and 25 are missing on wolfgang puck pressure oven manual.

  7. All kitchen appliances need repair eventually.

    Where are the parts and service manuals?

    Where can service technicians order parts?

    Parts and service are extremely important.

    Tom McKinney

  8. Where can a person purchase parts for this oven?

    Are there any authorized service centers for this oven?

    1. Contact Wolfgang’s Kitchenware Website:



  9. We have had our pressure over for over a year and really like it. But…I think it died on us. It no longer heats up at all and I have tried everyhing. The troubleshooting guide in the manual does not cover this prooblem.
    Any thoughts, ideas etc??? I do apprciate it


    1. John, you’re posting on the pressure oven page. Are you talking about the pressure oven? Otherwise, here’s what we need to know to help you with your pressure cooker:



    2. I need the same help

  10. my timer keeps going and turns the oven on in the stay on position

  11. Just got my oven and took it out of the box. It says the pressure valve should sit Loosely on top This was kind of hanging off the top still attached is that how loose it supposed to be the pictures don’t look that loose on the other sites where they have recipes?

  12. My steam release knob is no longer releasing a lot of steam like it did when we first got it.

    1. Pat, you might want to try removing it and cleaning it. Perhaps it is not sealing well – so it is not bulding-up steam.



  13. My oven is in the off position and even when unplugged the timer keeps ticking. If I turn the nob to the stay on position, it stops ticking. When it was plugged in and in the off position it would go off and then come back on by itself. Any suggestions.

    1. Les, just un-plug the oven. The timer is mechanical (like a wind-up kitchen timer) so it will keep on ticking until it has reached the end – even if the oven is un-plugged. ; )



  14. I recieved this as a gift and only used a few times now won’t turn on or anything I don’t have the receipt and I really was pleased with the quick and easy meals I was able to make with it but am not pleased about the customer service I got when asking what type of help I was able to get replacing this unit .. customer service rep very unprofessional and rude

  15. My oven stopped working at 1 1/2 year of very light use. As I talked to more people who has it, it seems tjhat nobody got it to work pass the year or so… A really bad product!!!

  16. My pressure oven does not heat up anymore, lights come on and then green light turns off. I got it through The Shopping Channel on the 14 th of April 2017. I sent an email to Wolfgang for help last week via website but no reply until now. Asking for advise if to return and what are my options. Awaiting for response. thank you. Edan

  17. hi,i recently purchased the Wolfgang Puck pressure oven,, it has no manual or recipe book with it,how can i get one or where can i get one..from what i can see of this machine i am going to thoroughly enjoy using it,,thank you
    model number,BROR 1000_1

  18. All the “script” wore away on the knobs. Have to guess what function I’m on. Forgot the order… Bake, roast, broil….? Broil, toast, then bake? Counter-clockwise? Uggghhhh. And can’t seem to find a close up picture of one to rewrite them on the knobs.

  19. I bought a pressure oven off of fox and friends morning deals and love it, I use it almost every day. I just want to report a problem I am having with mine. when the timer gets to the off position it does not turn off. I recently put a chicken dish in and fell asleep watching a movie and woke to a smoke filled room. I now make sure that I unplug it every time after each use. just wanted you to know, I still love this oven, I haven’t used my regular oven ever since I bought this one.

  20. My Wolfgang Puck pressure oven after just 6 months has stopped heating up. How can this be fixed? It was lightly used. I loved it till it didn’t work.

  21. Just not sure why it’s leaking from the seal, lately. What can I do so it’s not leaking on my counter.
    Thank you
    Pam Payne

  22. want to report a problem I am having with mine. when the timer gets to the off position it does not turn off but continues to the “Stay On” setting. The only way to stop it from heating, is to unplug it every time after each use.

  23. Oven door is stuck, will not open… Not under pressure.. tried to open to put food in.

  24. I used the oven once last year, worked perfect for a small turkey. Stored in pantry until today (xmas) just plugged it in and it wont power on…. I can’t recommend this product. Many users report the same problem. Very disappointed and will not buy another Wolfgang Puck product again

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